Research and social programs

What does matter when we want and decide to work in our local communities? Even if the perspectives can be different: medical, psychological, psychiatric, anthropological, economical, social, educational, cultural, spiritual, we cannot forget that we are all social actors in our communities, and that all actors are our fellow women and men. What does matter is to collaborate towards a common goal; who should we sensitize, how and to what end. Neuroartes does look for a change, a change towards a better-being  (it implies the awareness of being, being aware of our biological, social, cultural, political processes …), a wellbeing for each one of us in a whole; better implies social options, i.e. political and ideological. Change implies a process of transformation through design – enroll in a transformative process. 

A quantum approach to mental health.

A quantum paradigm for the arts and the education.

Yogacara philosophy and psychology. 

Quantum consciousness.